1. What is the Comforts Fund?

Sidmouth Victoria Hospital Comforts Fund is a charitable organisation which supports the work of Sidmouth Victoria Hospital and its community and medical services.  Created in 1955 it is run by a committee of 19 people who meet regularly at the hospital.     There is an annual general meeting open to all members of the public.

There has been a hospital in Sidmouth since 1885 and was named the Sidmouth Victoria Hospital after Queen Victoria gave permission for her name to be used.

The Comforts Fund continues to provide money to pay for improvements and equipment for the benefit of patients.  More details can be seen in Projects.

2. What Does the Comforts Fund Do?

The Sidmouth Victoria Hospital Comforts Fund mobilises, fosters and maintains the interest of the public, the patients and staff of the Sidmouth Victoria Hospital.  It supports the work of the hospital by means of voluntary service.

It provides money to pay for improvements and equipment for the benefit of patients. Requests for equipment come from hospital staff and users of the hospital.  Click here to see a list of some of the items that have been purchased for Sidmouth Hospital.

The new reception desk

3. Charities Commission
We are registered as a charity with the Charities Commission,  our charity registration number is 213425.  More details can be found here


4. Who we Are

President: Mrs Frances Newth

Vice President: Mrs Jenny Brewer

Chairman:     Mr Graham Vincent.

Vice Chairman: Mr Jeremy Roberts.

Treasurer:     Mr Trevor Cook.

Secretary:   Mrs Joy Loveridge.


  • Mrs Susan Davies.

    The Comforts Fund paid for the new reception area
  • Mr Chris Dunford.
  • Mr David Fergie.
  • Mrs Nicola Johnson.
  • Mrs Maggie Knights.
  • Rev Robin Laird.
  • Mr Mike Lavers.
  • Mr Michael Lee.
  • Mr John Loveridge.
  • Mr Michael Mertens.
  • Mr Andrew Mitchell.
  • Mrs Brenda Smith.

5. Where Does the Money Come From?
The charity relies mainly on subscriptions from members, donations, legacies, fund-raising events and from the generosity of many local people.

6. Do You Want to Help?
You can help the Comforts Fund becoming a member or helping at events.  Contact us  to find out more about how you can help by clicking here.

Supporting the Victoria Hospital