1. Projects

Major Improvements of Sidmouth Hospital

In 1989 the Comforts Fund started one of the largest projects it had ever undertaken.  It had become clear that Sidmouth Hospital was in need of a huge improvement to bring it up to the standard that hospitals would be expected to have in the 21st century.  Plans were drawn up for major improvements in the hospital.

Because this was the largest project the Comforts Fund had ever undertaken, the Comforts Fund decided that the work would be carried out in five phases.   Four were completed between 1990 and 2006,  work on Phase 5 was completed in June 2014.

Phase l – the operating theatre demolished and rebuilt and resited along with an anaesthetic room, two surgical wards, nurses’ station, and maternity suite.   This was completed in November 1990.

Cost  £375,000

Phase 2 – the x-ray department was rebuilt and new equipment installed.  Work was completed in June 1992.

Cost  £325,000

Phase 3 – The Nightingale wards were removed and 1-2 and 4 bedded en-suite rooms were built along with a lounge, a dining room, a nurses’ station and a matron’s office. This phase finished in February 1999 and we were very fortunate to have the Princess Royal visit the hospital on 18th February 1999.

Cost  £800,000

Phase 4 –  The Mallinson unit was demolished and eight single and one double en-suite rooms built along with upgrading seven rooms for visiting consultants. The work was completed in December 2006.

Cost £1,350,000

Phase 5 – started in June 2013 and finished in June 2014.  It consisted of a new kitchen, a new entrance and reception area. The old physio building was demolished and a new physio department was built within the hub of the hospital, plus a fully equipped re-hab/gym along with three treatment rooms, store and office.   A new occupational therapy department was constructed near the old entrance.

Cost £1,205,000


Main Entrance May 2013
Main Entrance May 2013
New all weather entrance
New all weather entrance





Physio Block Before Demolition
Physio Block Before Demolition

 3. Therapeutic Garden

We are currently considering plans on building a therapeutic garden at the hospital which will be for the benefit of all hospital users.

2. Other Expenditure

Other projects have included purchasing essential items to improve the comfort of patients at the hospital.  Below is a list of just some of the items costing more than £1000 that the Comforts Fund has supplied funds for since 2008.  The Comforts Fund has also purchased many other items costing less than £1000.

Optical Coherence Tomography Machine £45,000
Resusci Annie £1,000
Bladder Scanner £7,950
Cardiac Monitor £4,019
6 Surgical Trolleys £18,6000
4 Low Profile Beds £5,860
Multi Purpose Couch £8,273
18 TV sets £3,724
Therapeutic pedal system £3,850
Radio Paging System Rental £1,025
Carescare V100 £1,650
5 Pressure Relieving Mattresses £8,823
Arthroscopy Set £4,054
6 Plastic Surgery Sets £1,487
2 Arthroscopy Sets £7,755
Rhapsody System 23 Bath £14,251
Birthing Pool £1,500
Medical Ambassador Chairs £4,255
Dalton Chairs £3,438
Hydro Tilt Chair £2,665
Cryotherapy Equipment £1,150
Cryotherapy Shelter £1,401


Other requests for improvements in facilities have been made and will be purchased and installed.


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