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1. Support the Fund – Become an Annual or Life Member

Support the Comforts Fund by becoming an annual or life member. The Comforts Fund will update you regularly of news and developments involving the fund and the work it is carrying out.  The fund will contact you when there are fund-raising events and ask for help if you are able.

If you would like to become a member please complete the application form below. You will receive a confirmation within a few days, together with details of how to pay.

I apply for membership of the Comforts Fund and agree to be bound by the objects and rules of the Comforts fund.

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2. Attend or Help at Social Events

The Comforts regularly holds fund-raising events which have included hosting concerts, organising street collections, and sponsored lunches.  You can support the Comforts Fund by offering to help in any way at the events.  Interested in helping?  Please contact us.  We will always offer our helpers support such as providing transport to and from any events if needed.

3. Organize a Sponsorship Event

You may want to organise an event to raise money for the Comforts Fund.  Such events can include

      • sponsored swim, bike-ride or walk
      • charity auction
      • car-wash
      • flower-arranging.


There are many more events that supporters can organize for fund-raising.  Even just organising a raffle at a social event will be of great help.  Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Organisations that have organised events include

rotary roundel Sid Valley Rotary Club


rotary roundelSidmouth Rotary Club


4. New Events

AGM 2018

The AGM of the Comforts Fund will be held at All Saints Church Hall, Sidmouth on Thursday 12th April 2018 from 2pm.

Recent Events

  • On Friday 17 June the street collection “Flag Day” in Sidmouth raised a magnificent £904 for the Hospital Comforts Fund.

Details of forthcoming events will also be published in the East Devon Hub available in the East Devon Diary. Click here for more details.

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